Iodine is especially important in pregnancy.


Have you heard all the talk about Iodine and its role in pregnancy and fertility?

Recent research has brought Iodine into the spotlight in regards to its necessity in conception and developing the foetus. We have always known that it is a necessary nutrient for a developing baby but in the last few years we have found out just exactly how important it is especially for Australian women due to our severe deficiency in this country.

Fast Facts

Australian soils are very low in naturally occurring iodine, therefore our produce is lacking in iodine.

Iodine deficiency in women can increase the risk of miscarriage.

Mothers who are iodine deficient have been found to have children with reduced IQ by up to 12 points.

The thyroid has a huge role to play in pregnancy and fertility. Without adequate iodine it can not perform its roles properly. This puts mother at risk of having hypothyroidism and other thyroid complications during pregnancy which can have negative impact on a mother and babies health and development.

The very presence of  thyroid anti globulins – even in low levels – were found to increase the likelihood of have a miscarriage especially in the early weeks of pregnancy.

Hypothyroidism in pregnancy has also been linked with severe morning sickness.

Here is the good news; this is almost always preventable!

Most natal multivitamins contain iodine now, however individuals uptake of iodine differs from woman to woman. For accuracy, a very simple iodine spot test could be appropriate. This test will give you an idea of how much iodine your body is holding for that period of time and therefore be a valuable tool to mums planning  or currently pregnant.

Iodine is a tricky nutrient though, it can cause unwanted effects on the thyroid and can be difficult to get the right dosage due to peoples changing needs. Thats why testing is so important. Its also important to make sure you have the right mineral co-factors to help your body absorb and use iodine efficiently.  This being the case its always best to be guided by a Naturopath or nutritionist on the right dosage for you and to be monitored through your pregnancy as well.

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