10 easy tips to a healthy natural fertility


Here is a cheat sheet that I have compiled for the top 10 tips to help your natural fertility

1) Eat adequate amounts of protein, avoid excess sugar.
Blood sugar regulation is the key to a healthy life, in particular though it is very important for hormone regulation, weight management, and increased fertility for both men & women. Blood sugar balance is of course important for a healthy pregnancy and for your babys future health as well.

2) Exercise daily and maintain healthy weight
Aim for 30-60 mins physical activity every day for weight control. Maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult and is often connected to emotions for many people. If this is the case for you, see your Naturopath for easy ideas and support.

3) Avoid tobacco, alcohol & caffeine.
There is strong scientific & clinical evidence that these all negatively impact fertility and long term health outcomes for your future children. A new study even links smoking in mothers to having an increased chance of autism in a child. Quitting these things is not easy and in most cases will be emotionally driven, so for quitting plans and support best to see your Naturopath.

4) Eat a diet, high in vegetables.
Consume adequate amounts of vegetables and fruit everyday to ensure you are getting enough antioxidants to support egg and sperm quality. After all; your eggs and sperm can only be as good as the nutrients you eat to build them!

5) Consume good quality fats
Eat good quality fats daily, such as avocado, ghee, coconut oil, fatty fish, cold pressed extra virgin oils such as olive, walnut, sesame. Avoid bad fats, such as trans fats; margarines, canola oil and any hydrogenated fats. Good quality fat consumption is directly linked to not only good fertility in couples but also better success rates in IVF.

6) Stay hydrated
Drink 2 litres of filtered water daily from a BPA free (plastic free) water source for assistance in detoxification and prevention of dehydration.

7) Sleep deeply
Get a good amount of hours of sleep per night and ensure your involve yourself in stress reducing activities just before bed such as reading or meditation. Avoid screens just before bed as it has been shown to increase the time it takes to fall asleep, and possibly the quality of sleep.

8) Stress less
Ensure you engage in at least one stress reducing activity per day, its is easier said than done but you will feel better after it! Some ideas for those who find this hard ; yoga, meditation, reading, walking, swimming or catching up with friends.

9) Reduce radiation exposure – Don’t carry mobile phones in your pocket!
Mobile phone radiation in particular has been found to reduce sperm count in men, there is also new research suggesting it may also affect sperm morphology. Keep that phone away from your testicles and ovaries at all costs!

10) Take appropriate supplements.
Consult with your Naturopath to work out a supplementation program that supports your personal issues with fertility. Getting the right folate and tailoring a nutrient program to support any deficiencies is essential for those trying to conceive and the health of your baby.

Confused about what fats are good for fertility ? Or if your deficient in any nutrients? Book a consultation to talk it through.

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