Healthy Sperm – it takes two

As more is understood about epigenetics the importance of mens health prior to conception is now undeniable. Research has shown that Mens health influences their sperm quality and the health of their future children, and interestingly the health of their children’s children. Its even been noted that it can influence the baby’s health in utero. Add into this, research showing there is currently a global decline in sperm health by 50% across Europe, America, Australia, and New Zealand, affecting fertility worldwide. So its time for men to start some self care, to look into what they may be doing that is affecting their sperm health and start making changes. Lifestyle and diet changes can help make healthier babies and should be part of everyone’s plans when thinking about having a baby. 

Some of what we know so far about the impact of mens health on their future children – 

Exposure or health issue in men Increased risk in offspring
Folate deficiencybirth defects in offspring, higher chances of pregnancy loss in the mother, reduced chances of conceiving
Obesity obesity, insulin resistance and subfertility in offspring,
Smoking congenital malformations, childhood cancer risks and obesity in offspring.   
Alcohol intakeheart defects, hyperactivity and poor cognitive ability in offspring. 
Endocrine disrupting chemicals exposure preeclampsia in the carrying mother, preterm birth and testicular malformations in male babies and PCOS and endometriosis in female babies
Increased age schizophrenia, autism, birth defects in offspring.

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