Depression is on the rise in pregnant women. Are we supporting our women enough?

pregnant woman in white dress shirt
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Depression in pregnancy is on the rise according to a new study that involved 2 generations of women. The article states that negative effects of depression and anxiety can be transferred from mother to child in ways that science is only just beginning to understand and calls for help to stop this cycle.

Do we support our women enough through pregnancy? There are ways to help with depression and anxiety through pregnancy that are safe and effective from specific probiotics and supplements to diet support. Just this year an article concluded that specific strains for probiotics were a safe and effective way to treat postnatal depression and depression during pregnancy. Having the right mix of gut bacteria it seems is the key to overall health and this is no exception in pregnancy.

On a similar strain diet alone has been found to alleviate depression, this is massive! A diet low in processed foods, low in sugar, low in red meat and high in vegetables, good fats and oils and good quality sources of protein was found to alleviate depression.

There are also herbs and vitamins safe to take in pregnancy that are associated with combating depression and anxiety. These should be prescribed individually for the greatest results.

 Lets stop the cycle. If you or anyone you know is suffering during pregnancy with depression or anxiety or if you are planning a baby I highly recommend getting some advice. You can see me in clinic at Merge Health, Surrey Hills.


R.M. Pearson et al. Prevalence of prenatal depression symptoms among 2 generations of pregnant mothers. JAMA Network Open. Published online July 13, 2018. doi: 10.1001/jamanetw


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