Post pregnancy fatigue


Have you heard yourself say “ever since having children I haven’t felt the same” ? Or felt like “I just want to feel normal again”? After having children it’s very common to be depleted in many vitamins, minerals and nutrients and more common that it’s never addressed. Too often women don’t have the time needed to address their own health, well being and state of mind as our lives are so busy and complicated. Being tired and fatigued are symptoms of something going awry with your health and are not “normal” and I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.

Did you know that simple nutrient deficiencies can cause fatigue such as vitamin D deficiency? Or that the foggy brain feeling in the afternoon can be due to low iron, magnesium or B-vitamins? These are all nutrients your body needs in great amounts to build a baby and to breastfeed them as well so its understandable that your low in them now. Certain hormonal issues such as PCOS, endometriosis or thyroid imbalances can also cause fatigue. There are things that can be done to bring your health back into balance and increase your energy, whilst fitting into your busy routine.

My quick tips for hormonal health and energy support – 

Try eating a diet that is highest in vegetables, with adequate protein sources (meat or if vegetarian – eggs, nuts/seeds, some soy products, legumes) at least twice a day and lower in grains. This provides a nutrient dense diet to support your vitamin and mineral needs.

Avoid coffee where possible – if you drink coffee it might come as a surprise that it actually robs you of long term energy. Its great on the short term but it has a rebound like effect that actually depletes your body of all the wonderful vitamins such as B-vitamins and makes you more tired in the long run.

Get your vitamin needs assessed by a naturopath and supplement accordingly – most likely you’ll need a B-Vitamin complex, Magnesium, vitamin D, possibly iron, but everyone is different so its important to be assessed by a professional.

Get your regular standard blood tests done every 12 months, 6 monthly if you have a known deficiency in something such as vitamin D. When your pregnant and breastfeeding nutrient levels can change very quickly and if left for too long without investigation your fatigue can get out of hand.

Nettle root tea- is a wonderful nutritious herb that is high in a lot of minerals that pregnant mums and new mums need, so swap out that afternoon tea for a nettle root tea.

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